Helsinki Biennial

Joining the ranks of international high-quality art events

Helsinki Biennial is an international contemporary art event in Vallisaari, 
Helsinki. Our task was to create a visual image and a flexible marketing 
concept that would meet the criteria of an international high-quality art 
event. Extensive and diverse work for the event was planned and 
implemented by N2’s various units, with the help of an
extensive partner network.

We successfully managed to turn Helsinki Biennial into a phenomenon 
that appeals to a wide range of age groups. The event reached its visitor 
goal with a whopping 235,000 visitors in Vallisaari and the various side 
events. The launch campaign gained more than 48 million 
impressions/runs on various channels. The event’s image and marketing 
received praise from both artists and the city management.

The biggest success, however, was internal: in autumn 2021, the Helsinki 
City Board unanimously decided in favour of financing the next two 
Helsinki Biennials.

Event Image / Web Service / User Interface Design / Concept Design /
Marketing Communications / Influencer Communications / Artist Images /
Work Images / Location Images / Event Videos / Press Conference /


Logo & Typography

Artist Photography

Marketing Materials

Web & Social Media

Visual Identity



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